Virtual Servers / Managed Virtual Private Server

Perfect for those that don't need a full Dedicated Server.

Choose the Managed Virtual Private Server that fits you best:

Standard mVPS (SSD Storage)

VPS ID CPU vCores RAM Drive Space Connection Price
mVPS-SSD-1 4 8 GB 200 GB 200 Mbps $53.95/mo
mVPS-SSD-2 6 16 GB 400 GB 400 Mbps $75.95/mo
mVPS-SSD-3 8 30 GB 800 GB 600 Mbps $97.95/mo
mVPS-SSD-4 10 60 GB 1.6 TB 1 Gbps $118.95/mo

Enhanced mVPS (NVMe Storage)

VPS ID CPU vCores RAM Drive Space Connection Price
mVPS-NVMe-1 4 8 GB 50 GB 200 Mbps $64.95/mo
mVPS-NVMe-2 6 16 GB 100 GB 400 Mbps $86.95/mo
mVPS-NVMe-3 8 30 GB 200 GB 600 Mbps $107.95/mo
mVPS-NVMe-4 10 60 GB 400 GB 1 Gbps $129.95/mo

Why our VPS, are the best!

Managed By Us For You.

Powered By:

Powered by AMD EPYC Powered by AlmaLinux AlmaLinux O/S Powered by Control Web Panel


Managed Servers are located on AMD EPYC Servers running AlmaLinux and Control Web Panel (CWP).
Servers are US Based in one of 3 States.
Each server has up to 32 TB Traffic each month.
1 IPv4
(1 additional IPv4 is available for an additional fee).
IPv6 Ready.
Free Setup.
You have Control Panel access to manage website accounts and backups.
Clients are responsible for their own data.
Are you new to this?
No worries, we provide support to each one of our clients! Just drop us a ticket and we will help you out.
We are doing our best to have happy clients.
But if you are unhappy with your host within the first 30 days, we provide a pro-rated refund within a month of your purchase, as long as it was NOT terminated for a ToS violation.
Just contact us.
You can find what we allow and not on our ToS however to give you an idea, we stricly do not allow any hacking/copyrighted material on our servers.

Have a question? Need help?