Virtual Servers / Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)

Say goodbye, noisy neighbors!
Deploy a VDS with Dedicated CPU, SSD Drives, and RAM just for you.

Choose Your Virtual Dedicated Server Config:

ID CPU Cores RAM Drive Space Bandwidth Price
VDS-SSD-1 2 8GB 120 GB SSD 10TB $80/mo
VDS-SSD-2 4 16GB 2 X 120 GB SSD 20TB $140/mo
VDS-SSD-3 6 24GB 3 X 120 GB SSD 30TB $200/mo
VDS-SSD-4 8 32GB 4 X 120 GB SSD 40TB $260/mo

Why our VDS

Powerful and Fast.

No "noisy" neighbors with a Virtaul Dedicated Server.

You'll never share resources again!


Although we provide basic support for our clients, the VDS are unmanaged and the client is responsible for their own data.
Are you new to this? No worries, we provide basic support to each one of our clients! Just drop us a ticket and we will help you out.
We are doing our best to have happy clients, but virtual dedicated servers are non-refundable.
You can find what we allow and not on our ToS however to give you an idea, we stricly do not allow any hacking/copyrighted material on the servers.

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