Virtual Servers / Cloud VoIP PBX

Custom Solutions, So You Can Work Anywhere

Cloud VoIP PBX Servers

The Starburst Hosting team has been involved withcommunicatiosn technology for over 30 years.
Our goal if to provide our clients with Reliable, Secure, and Low Latency Cloud VoIP PBX Servers.

Remote Worker Interoperability

To connect a remote worker with a hosted VoIP solution, you simply need a cell phone or laptop and an Internet connection.
It’s that simple!
An employee can not only connect to personalized call centers, call queuing systems, and team messaging, but also integrate with automated response services and even social media.

Hosted PBX

Keep your costs down by hosting your own PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and benefit from immediate performance on the very latest server hardware.
You can add on backups, offsite replication, and snapshots at any time.
Need to expand? No problem! Each cloud server plan can be upgraded.

SIP Trunking

Connect your phone system to the outside world via your SIP Trunking provider.
Don't have a SIP Trunking provider? No Problem! We can assist you with that also.

Install your next telephone system on the Starburst Hosting Cloud Platform and get ready for security-conscious, high-performance cloud infrastructure to underpin your mission-critical phone system.

Cost Effective

Get timely, accurate monthly billings on all Starburst Hosting solutions.
Our systems are based on the fantastic Asterisk project, ideal for businesses looking to keep costs down.

Easy to Maintain

Digital telephone technology has revolutionized the digital workplace, and today, cloud-hosted phone systems can be found in nearly every business.
Enhanced voice clarity and agile interoperability will keep your on-premise and remote workforce engaged and impress your clients.


Starburst Hosting has a selection of world-leading network partners.
Our high-speed, low-latency network throughput works seamlessly with a softphone, physical VoIP phone, whether over a VPN or the Internet, adding greater flexibility and future-proofing options.

Share what you would like done, and we will help create a tailored VoIP solution for you!